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Commercial Bathroom Sinks

Commercial Bathroom Sinks

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Commercial Bathroom Sinks & Lavatories

  • Sinks for Commercial and Restaurant Bathrooms
  • Innovative BioSan™ Antimicrobial Surfaces for Sinks and Bathtubs
  • Made of AquateX™ Solid Surface

What Characterizes Aquatica Washbasins for Commercial Installations?

Sinks for commercial bathrooms should be stunning, sustainable and smart.

Commercial bathroom sinks from Aquatica® are made of our state-of-the-art AquateX™ and NeroX™ solid surface materials which are durable, dependable and resemble the beauty of natural stone material. Our commercial sinks are available with a variety of wall mounting options including ADA compliant bracket designs for your accessible bathroom and toilet room requirements.

Our wall-hung commercial bathroom sinks, basins and lavatories intended for medical and permanent care facilities are manufactured using our own proprietary formula with antimicrobial additives. We are at the forefront of bringing antimicrobial technology to composite solid surface sinks and lavatories.

Our commercial sinks and lavatories can be paired with our low-flow electronic bathroom faucets for an eco-friendly bathroom design.
Specify from our wide selection of bathroom sinks for offices, restaurants, schools, gyms, golf clubs, entertainment, airports and permanent care facilities.

What Characterizes Aquatica Washbasins for Commercial Installations?

Purist design, easy to maintain, silky smooth matte or glimmering overpolished glossy surface with functional design is what characterises our growing line of modern washbasins made of our proprietary AquateX™ solid surface.

The extensive selection provides suitable solutions for every bathroom size: a compact vessel lavatory for the powder bathroom, large double sinks suitable for the master bathroom or accessible sinks for public bathrooms.

The made-to-measure variable length Lantana series washbasins offer real design freedom – here the length of the washbasin is individually definable to meet the exacting client requirements.

Made of AquateX™ Solid Surface

The sinks made of our high-quality, hygienic and monolith AquateX™ solid surface composite feature minimalistic style, are seamless, pore-free, durable, which makes them hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.

We believe that every commercial washroom and toilet can be attractive.

Thanks to genuine and intelligent modular lavatory systems that were developed with specific commercial applications in mind, Aquatica has created a portfolio of attractive highly customized commercial washroom solutions for any sized restaurant, large offices, hotels and cruise ships. Our modular basin systems are designed to maximize space and allow the inclusion of useful accessories like waste bins, toilet paper holders, napkin holders, and lighting; which makes our products particularly attractive for the public, semi-public and commercial use.

We have focused on the development of complete added value commercial washbasin systems, which are well suited for practical day to day use, durability, functionality, and great visual appeal.

Innovative BioSan™ Antimicrobial Surfaces for Sinks and Bathtubs

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Concerned of infectious decease spread in your washrooms?

We are pleased to offer all our solid surface products in optional antimicrobial AquateX™ BioSan™ with proven antimicrobial technology from BioCote® - the industry leader in this field.

When embedded with our AquateX® solid surface composite at molecular level, BioCote® antimicrobial additives eliminate mould, fungi, bacteria and viruses that contaminate the bathtub and sink surface through protein damage, cell membrane damage, oxidative damage, and DNA interference.
Our innovative antimicrobial formulation is not a coating and requires no repeated application. Rather, an anti-microbial additive is added to the resin base during the manufacturing process and stays with the product over the course of its lifecycle.

The BioCote® technology has been proven to protect against the all bacteria, viruses, mould, and fungi.

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