Wooden Bathroom Accessories

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Wooden Bathroom Accessories

Wooden Bathroom Accessories

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Accessories made of high-quality wood adds a natural earthy feel to your bathroom decor. The rich tones of solid wood combine ultimate luxury with a cozy vibe, providing a warm and unique appeal. Wood is also extremely versatile, offering a myriad of creative interior design possibilities from contemporary to rustic. Aquatica offers smart and stylish wooden furniture and storage solutions to complete your luxury bathroom. Explore Aquatica’s collection of premium quality wooden bathroom accessories, including bath mats , bathtub trays , shelves , towel hooks , shower stools and bathroom benches .

Teak, Iroko & American Walnut Bathroom Accessories

Aquatica’s wooden bathroom accessories are available to buy online in three different types of wood to perfectly match any bathroom style.

  • Teak is a popular choice, as it offers outstanding protection and beautiful aesthetics. This tropical wood weathers gracefully, resisting degradation, while displaying an exquisite patina as time passes by. 
  • Iroko wood boasts stunning golden tones, which naturally changes into a warmer and darker bronze color as it ages, eventually developing a rusty brown hue. The grain’s natural shine provides a special light reflecting quality. 
  • American Walnut is famous for its durability, stability and rich dark tones. This wood generally displays a straight grain, although sometimes it can also present natural waves, providing additional character. 

Waterproof Wooden Bathroom Accessories 

All of Aquatica’s solid wood bathroom accessories are completely waterproof. A special organic iroko oil treatment ensures protection against water damage. This makes sure the wood does not become brittle, bent, swollen or cracked. 

What Is The Difference Between Solid Wood & Engineered Wood?

Solid wood comes directly from trees, unlike engineered wood such as plywood, medium-density fiberboard or veneers. It is a solid piece of wood, which contains wood fibers throughout the piece of lumber, and does not need any fillers or adhesives. Engineered wood does not offer the same durability, beauty or sustainability as real solid wood. 

Benefits Of Aquatica’s Wooden Bathroom Accessories

  • One-of-a-kind bathroom furniture 
  • Provides a luxurious & warm appeal
  • Meticulously crafted from 100% solid wood 
  • Durable & waterproof wooden accessories
  • Timeless & versatile design to suit all styles
  • Solid wood displays impressive natural aesthetics  

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